With the full of beauty care services and new colors for you to choose from, you are ensured to enjoy the best services in our effort of doing a great job.
Let’s take a look at our price list below!! Our nail salon is always committed to bringing you a reasonable price!



New Set

Regular Full $50
French Full Set $45
Pink & White Solar $55
Peral American / Natural SOLA $40
Overlay $50
Color Tips $50
Rockstar Nails (Colored Powder) $50
Gel Polish / Colored Shellac $25
Gel Polish with Manicure $35
Gel Polish / French Shellac $25
Gel Polish French with Manicure $40
Nexgen (Dipping Powder) Real Nails $40
Tips $45
Gel Manicure $35
French Gel Manicure $40


Regular Full $40
French $40
Pink & White Solar $40
Peral American / Natural SOLA $40
Overlay $40
Color Tips $40
Rockstar Nails (Colored Powder) $40


Manicure $15
Pedicure $20
Shellac $15


Natural $45
With Extension $45
French Tip $45


Cluster $40
Combo Cluster $75
Combo 3D Volume $95
Single $100

Consult staff for fill price & discount off lashes when getting nail service.



Gel Polish with Any $25
Polish Change Hands $10
Polish Change Feet $12
French American $6
Nail Repair $4
Cut Down $4
Take Off Only $10
Take Off with Any Services $5
Design $5 & up
Polish Change $10
White Tip $5
Shellac $20
Chrome Effect $25


Acne $50
Mini Facial $50

For a quick and refreshing "Pick Me Up". A 30 minutes treatment in which the skin is exfoliated, cleansed and tones lightly massage and moisturized using our quality product.

European Facial $70

A 60 minutes skin analyzed removal of impurities, exfoliation masque and hydration, followed by a neck and shoulder massage. Promise to put you to sleep.

Anti-aging $100

Fresh Cucumber Facial o Organic White Tea $100 A 60 minutes European facial concentrating on the skin while being topped off with fresh cucumber or organic White Tea.



Eyebrow $10
Lip $5
Face Wax $40
Arm (Half) $40
Arm (Whole) $60
Under Arm $15
Back $50
Bikini $25
Brazilian $50
Full Legs $70


Princess Special (12 y.o & under)

Mani $10 - Pedi $20 - Combo $35

Moms treat your daughter to a relaxing Mani, Pedi and Combo other and daughter day with us here at Royal Spa!


Mani $20 - Pedi $35 - Combo $50

Do not have the time to pamper those tired feet? Time to get back to the basics with our express pedicure. It includes a foot soak in our massage chair trim your toenails, cut your cuticles, a brief leg and foot massage, and topped off with your choice of polish.

Relaxing Roses

Mani $25 - Pedi $50 - Combo $70

The relaxing rose pedicure is the ultimate restorative treatment for your footsies. It promises to leave you smelling like a rose. (Free callus treatment, paraffin wax and hot stone)

Luxurious Lavender

Mani $25 - Pedi $50 - Combo $70

Rest you're tired and trampled feet in a relaxing soak. Hands feet scrubbed to perfection followed by a heavenly relieving massage, promised to calm your nerves and soothe your soul. (Free callus treatment, paraffin wax and hot stone)

Perfectly Pineapple

Mani $25 - Pedi $50 - Combo $70

Sounds good? Feels even better! This pedicure promises to leave your legs hydrated and smelling extra sweet. (Free callus treatment, paraffin wax and hot stone)

Mango Tango

Mani $25 - Pedi $50 - Combo $70

Experience with this pedicure while we apply exotic mango sugar scrub to your legs and feet and exfoliate your skin and stimulate your circulation. (Free callus treatment, paraffin wax and hot stone)

Spearmint Sensation

Mani $25 - Pedi $50 - Combo $70

This sensation pedicure will certainly scour away roughness, moisturize and smooth feet. This pedicure includes spearmint scrub and lotion followed by paraffin wax and a hot stone massage.

Silky Smooth Milk & Honey

Mani $25 - Pedi $50 - Combo $70

This is one of our most popular pedicures, a luxurious service using all Cuccio Milk and Honey products. Milk and Honey sea salt, butter massage, mask and hot stones will be used to massage your legs and feet. (Free callus treatment, paraffin wax and hot stone)


Mani $25 - Pedi $50 - Combo $75

A soak in our whirlpool tub, a complete heavenly service using only pomegranate products by Cuccio, hydrate your feet with this potent antioxidant product. Hot stones are used to massage legs and feet. (Free callus treatment, paraffin wax and hot stone)


Mani $30 - Pedi $60 - Combo $85

Soak in our freshly sliced lemons and limes to create the ultimate experience. The citrus scrub reawoke the skin and reduces the visual sign of aging. Lemon wedges help restore yellowed and dried-out toenails. Also acts as a cooling astringent. Excellence for the nerve! (Free callus treatment, paraffin wax and hot stone)

Tropical Citrus

Mani $30 - Pedi $60 - Combo $85

Sit back and relax with a glass of while your feet are soaked in scrub full of freshly sliced oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits. The fresh aroma will awaken your senses for sure! The fruit acids will dissolve unwanted dead skin cells. This pedicure is a perfect 10! (Free callus treatment, paraffin wax and hot stone)

White Tea and Ginger Escape

Mani $40 - Pedi $80 - Combo $115

This treatment begins with our luxurious foot bath. Allow aroma notes of white tea and ginger to soothe you and soak your feet in essential oils and minerals. Next, a three-in-one sugar scrub cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes your feet. Afterward, your feet are wrapped in a hydrating mask to stimulate, repair and firm the skin. Lastly indulge in a long relaxing foot massage. This is our most popular pedicure! (Free callus treatment, paraffin wax and hot stone)

Birthday Cake

Mani $40 - Pedi $80 - Combo $115

Celebrate your day like its your birthday every day with this yummy aroma of cake batter. Your treatment starts with a foot soak in oils and minerals that softens and revitalizes your skin. Enjoy a long massage that is followed up with a mask to help stimulate, repair and firm skin. (Free callus treatment, paraffin wax and hot stone)

Jelly Unique

Mani $40 - Pedi $80 - Combo $115

This Jelly unique pedicure is a dense jelly mixtures massages. Like regular pedicures. Jelly pedicure is one of the most common types. This usually involves soaking the feet in warm, scented water for a period of time. Add Jelly Pedi to warm water and it becomes a translucent, fluffy and smooth jelly. Its heat will be retained up to four times longer than regular water. (Free callus treatment, paraffin wax and hot stone)


Mani $60 - Pedi $100 - Combo $140

Herbal pedicure is a popular pedicure that lets customers create custom gel masks, gel scrubs, scented lotions and massage oil. Choose your oil, choose your herbs and mix without unscented bases to create perfect herbal pedicures. (Free callus treatment, paraffin wax and hot stone)


Callus Remover $5
Paraffin Wax $5
Hot Stones $5